Akshay Kumar Protects Kriti Sanon

Akshay Kumar protects Kriti Sanon from mob as they reach Delhi with Jacqueline & Arshad. As they arrive in Delhi with Jacqueline and Arshad, Akshay Kumar shelters Kriti Sanon from the crowd.

The cast of Bachchhan Paandey is going all out to promote their movie. When they boarded a train from Mumbai on Monday afternoon and arrived in New Delhi on Tuesday, they took their promotions to the next level.

The cast was spotted leaving the train station on their way to the city for the film’s marketing. Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Arshad Warsi were all on board the train, and when they arrived in Delhi, they even grinned for the cameras.

Akshay Kumar captioned a selfie of himself and his co-stars taken inside the train. On March 18th, see Holi pe Goli #BachchhanPaandey in theatres!” It goes without saying that the cast’s arrival at Delhi’s railway station sparked a frenzy, with a sizable audience assembled to observe them.

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