Brings New McLaren Supercar

New McLaren Supercar Arrives. The March update for New State Mobile is now available for Android and iOS, according to developer Krafton. As a consequence of a collaboration with McLaren Automotive, the current upgrade includes the 765LT supercar.

New State Mobile’s March update also includes a new Survivor Pass, a redesigned Erangel map, and a new MG3 full-auto light machine gun. New weapon customizations and seasonal activities are also included. In addition, New State Mobile features a new Lobby motif that includes a Spring treat.

The advent of the 765LT vehicle is one of the most significant modifications in the New State Mobile 0.9.26 edition. The new vehicle may be found on both the Troi and Erangel maps. McLaren Orange, Luminaire Green, Sunset Orange, Thunderbolt Blue, and New State Special are the five colour options offered. In addition, via a time-limited McLaren Crate, the automobile may be experienced with distinctive vehicle skins.

The Survivor Pass volume 5 that comes with Cynthia Song from Project Justice is also introduced in the March Update of New State Mobile. By completing all of the Story Missions, gamers may gain Cynthia Song’s clothes and character look. Players who purchase the Premium Pass will also get Cynthia Song’s Shadow Assassin outfit.

Story Mission reward enhancements include the opportunity to preview character appearances and zoom in and out to observe the appearances in depth by completing Story Missions, according to Krafton. For Story Missions, you may also hit and hold the Total Progress Rewards button to display additional information.

In the latest New State Mobile version, Erangel has been updated. It mostly concentrates on Erangel’s northern island’s southwest section. Avanpost will appear at a new place on the map. Quarry has also received a factory. A new treasure spot has also been added at Ferry Pier and The Dock.

The MG3 gun, which fires 7.62mm ammunition and has a 75-round magazine, is a new weapon in the revised New State Mobile. The pistol has two different firing rates: 660 RPM and 990 RPM, with 990 RPM being the default. The MG3 gun may be found in Care Packages on every map. It also has a possibility to appear in the Weapons Box, which is housed in the Chester Police Station on Troi.

The New State Mobile update also includes a list of weapon customizations for the Vector and Mini-14 rifles, in addition to MG3. The Vector may be fitted with a drum magazine with a capacity of 45 rounds, although this will drastically slow down the gun’s reload speed.

The Mini-14, on the other hand, includes an open Stock Slot for tactical stock additions that may aid with stability, recoil management, and ADS speed reduction.

To commemorate the Spring season, the upgraded New State Mobile has a cherry blossom-themed lobby. There are also a number of new events to commemorate the start of the new season. In addition, players may participate in the activities to earn a new cherry blossom weapon and a cherry blossom profile frame, as well as other spring-themed gifts.

With the newest update, Krafton has increased frame rate optimisation on both Android and iOS versions of New State Mobile. The game now supports the iPad Mini’s fullscreen aspect ratio (2021). Additionally, the game is said to have been updated to lower power usage and overheating on all supported devices.

In addition, the update contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements that apply to both the Erangel and Troi maps. The New State Mobile website has further information about them.

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