Deputy CM Manish Sisodia Budget in 2022

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia Budget in 2022: In 2022, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia will give the Annual Budget. Delhi On Saturday, Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister, will propose the annual budget for the fiscal year 2022-23 in the Delhi Assembly.

The minister will submit the Demands for Grants for the Financial Year 2022-23 and Supplementary Demands for Grants for the Financial Year 2012-22 after the annual budget. Sisodia will next present the “Delhi Appropriation Bill, 2022” before the legislature.

The Delhi Assembly’s budget session started on March 23 and will end on March 29. BJP MLAs marshalled out of the Delhi legislature, causing a ruckus.

After a lawmaker from the governing party, Somnath Bharti, claimed that the BJP and the RSS were opposing the installation of a high-mast tricolour in his constituency, a battle of words erupted between AAP and BJP members in the Delhi assembly on Thursday.

As members of both parties approached the Well of the House, the opposition BJP referred to AAP lawmakers as “tukde tukde gang.” Vijender Gupta and Jitendra Mahajan, both BJP MLAs, were ordered to leave the House by Speaker Ram Niwas Goel.

The commotion erupted when AAP’s Malviya Nagar MLA Bharti claimed that the RSS and the BJP were opposed to the installation of the high-mast tricolour at Malviya Nagar’s Surya Sen Park.

It cannot be erected in the park, according to RSS and BJP officials, since an RSS’shakha’ was held there, he stated. Bharti was opposed by BJP MLAs, and Mahajan referred to AAP members as “tukde tukde gang members.”

The Supreme Court will hear the Centre’s appeal against the eviction of Sujan Singh Park’s apartment.

Uddhav Thackeray launched a new assault on the BJP. Where is Dawood Ibrahim, according to Uddhav? Uddhav said that the BJP has the capacity to assassinate Dawood Ibrahim, so why not use it?

Tushar Mehta, the solicitor general, raised the case before Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Friday, requesting an immediate listing.

Taking note of “bouncers” attempting to evict senior government officials from flats in Khan Market’s Sujan Singh Park, the Supreme Court agreed on Friday to hear a petition by the Union government against a Delhi high court order directing eviction of residents from central-government allotted flats and payment of rent dues to the landlord, Sir Sobha Singh and Sons Private Limited, on April 5.

Sir Sobha Singh was a notable civil contractor and real estate developer in Delhi during the British Empire, and his business worked on numerous projects in Lutyens’ Delhi. The company has denied sending bouncers to have the units evacuated, claiming that its operations were conducted under the supervision of the court bailiff and police.

Tushar Mehta, the solicitor general, raised the case before Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Friday, requesting an immediate listing. “They’ve sent bouncers to evict.” “I represent the Union of India, and we’ve filed a petition,” Mehta said.

The CJI questioned, “How can they deploy bouncers against government officers?” The SG said that it is sad that such things are taking place.

The issue will be listed on April 5, according to the CJI.

The Centre appealed to the Supreme Court a Delhi high court ruling from January 2020, which ordered the Centre to pay outstanding rent arrears to Sir Sobha Singh and Sons. The government was also ordered to evacuate five single-bedroom apartments, nine double-bedroom flats, 39 servants’ quarters, and 25 garages in North and South Sujan Singh Park, according to the decision.

The Centre argued in its appeal that the rent controller’s decision was erroneous since the Delhi Rent Control Act (DRCA) would not apply in this instance because the property was demised in the form of a “gift” in line with the terms of the Government Grants Act, 1895.

The Union government contended that the government’s everlasting lease agreement with Sir Sobha Singh and Sons gave it the right to occupy 50% of the apartments at a reasonable fee. The sole consequence of non-payment of rent, according to the appeal, is a court order for arrears collection, and the landlord cannot be allowed to reclaim possession in the event of a lease agreement made under the Government Grants Act.

The DRCA rule pertaining to eviction of leased properties for non-payment of rent, according to the government, would not apply to apartments in Sujan Singh Park.

Earlier last month, HT reported that officials residing in the posh housing complex were being ordered to evacuate the apartments that the Central government had assigned to them.

“There is no idea of hiring any bouncers,” Kabir Singh, director of Sir Sobha Singh and Sons, stated. All of the processes were conducted in conformity with the law…”

“We sought SC as bounders were dispatched to remove our staff,” a top ministry official stated.

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