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If you’re considering about launching a firm in 2022, you’ll need to consider the new normal. The COVID-19 epidemic has altered people’s attitudes about goods and services. While launching a retail store or a restaurant may have seemed like a smart idea in the past, you may want to rethink your plans until you see how the next year unfolds. Consider firms that can support how people live their lives today rather than more conventional enterprises. Whatever you do, you’ll need a solid business strategy, but many of the ideas on this list merely need a credit card processing partner to collect payments in order to get started.

This collection of company ideas comprises 21 excellent business models that will help you succeed in 2022 and beyond. Review the processes for starting your own company if you discover a topic you wish to explore.


The ideal hot tub garden company owner believes in the calming and therapeutic possibilities of hot tubs while also possessing great marketing abilities. Basic mechanical abilities may also be beneficial for dealing with future tub problems as well as routine cleaning and upkeep.

Hot tub gardens are a relatively new idea that allows clients to enjoy a hot tub in their own private area for an hourly fee. Startup expenditures may run into the tens of thousands of dollars or more, so be prepared to put down a large amount of money up front. A successful hot tub garden company, on the other hand, may be quite lucrative, bringing in high six-figure profits each year.


Aromatherapy may be an excellent enterprise for you if you are enthusiastic about helping people via homoeopathic approaches and have a keen sense of scent as well as the discipline to manage the day-to-day demands of operating a company. Aromatherapy companies offer to customers seeking more natural solutions to issues such as stress and sleeplessness.

In recent years, homoeopathy and other alternative medicines have grown in popularity, enabling the business to expand significantly. Startup expenses are often low, particularly if you don’t rent a storefront, and income potential is high. Owners of small businesses report annual incomes ranging from $30,000 to $100,000.

Find out how to establish an aromatherapy company.


A Reiki company isn’t for everyone, but those who have expertise with the practise and want to share it with others could enjoy beginning their own. Reiki is a Japanese stress-reduction and relaxation practise that also helps healing. It is based on the belief that an invisible “life force energy” passes through us and sustains our existence.

Depending on your exact company concept, startup fees will vary. Many practitioners start off working from their homes to save money. The market saturation, the demands of the region you service, and the number of practitioners you may employ all affect your company’s development potential. Entrepreneurs in this industry may grow their businesses by providing a well-rounded practise that includes several forms of treatment to fulfil the requirements of all their clients. Reiki practitioners earn between $39,000 and $73,000 a year.


You might establish a goat rental company if you own goats or have the capacity to accommodate them. This firm, also known as goatscaping, rents goats to homeowners who want a natural and ecologically friendly method to trim and fertilise their lawns. Owners of businesses will need to know how to raise and care for goats.

The cost of starting a business varies based on your circumstances. You’ll need goats, as well as adequate space to keep them and a trailer to bring them to your clients. You’ll also need to fund all of the costs associated with the goats’ ongoing care. If you already have goats, you may start this company at a very little cost. Costs range from modest to expensive for those beginning from scratch. The amount of money you may make depends on how many goats you have, but each four-goat herd might generate roughly $750 each week during grazing season.


A chicken rental service is a fantastic business possibility for someone who currently owns a chicken farm or has expertise keeping chickens, similar to a goat rental service. Non-farmers may hire chickens for egg production without having to own a farm or care for them on a long-term basis.

Startup expenses are inexpensive if you’re already a successful chicken farmer. However, the average six-month rental fee for two hens is between $250 and $500, so it may take some time and a big number of chickens to start generating a considerable profit.


A glamping company may be a lucrative venture for someone with a history in the hospitality industry and a beautiful piece of property. Glamping, or elegant camping, appeals to those who want to enjoy camping without having to rough it in a standard tent or campground.

Glamping tents may cost tens of thousands of dollars, so the initial investment might be substantial. This company is suitable for those who already own a big piece of land that can be transformed for at least part of the year, such as a farm, hunting field, or seaside property. The potential for profit varies based on the location and quality of the tents, but with nightly prices ranging from $50 to over $3,000 and very minimal continuing maintenance expenditures, this company offers a lot of upside.


Animal enthusiasts who are also business savvy can appreciate running a pet motel. Working at an animal shelter, boarding facility, or veterinarian’s office might be beneficial, while it is not required. A pet hotel is simply a high-end kennel that provides top-notch care for pets while their owners are away.

The cost of starting a business is normally between $25,000 and $85,000, depending on the location and size of the business. The pet grooming and boarding sector is massive, producing over $8 billion in sales annually and growing at a 6.6 percent annual rate. Owners who have a good location and a stable company may expect to make roughly $40,000 in their first year, with the potential to make considerably more over time.


The cost of starting a company varies based on its size and type, but selling online and utilising your home kitchen may keep costs low. While many businesses start small, there is a lot of room to expand over time, expanding both online sales and your product’s reach in retail locations. With nationally famous businesses bringing in millions of dollars each year, earning potential may be extremely substantial.


Cat lovers that are outgoing and sociable may be a good match for this growing company. Cat cafés provide customers with a space to unwind with friends and felines while sipping a beverage or eating a meal. Many cafés aid the cats they shelter by making them available for adoption in addition to serving human clients. Experience operating or working in a café, although not needed, might be highly beneficial.

Renting and operating a café, as well as providing enough space and care for your cats, are all significant startup expenditures. Cat cafés are still a relatively new business concept in the United States, but their success in Asia and abroad indicates that they can be highly popular and profitable.

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