Pak’s attempt failed: the drone was shot down by the BSF, and a large number of packets were recovered.

Whatever happens, Pakistan’s shenanigans will continue, and it will have to confront our forces every time. On Monday morning, the Border Security Force (BSF) thwarted a devious operation by traffickers from Pakistan’s adversary nation. When the BSF jawans heard the drone, they began fire.

They were brought down by a gunshot that struck the drone. Following the search operation, the BSF also seized the drone. Four large and one tiny packets have also been given to the same troops. Aside from the drone, the BSF has found a total of five parcels, four of which are yellow and one of which is little and black.

The big yellow packages may contain heroin, while the smaller ones may contain opium, according to reports. The inquiry has now begun with the seizure of the cargo.

The event occurred in Ferozepur. At midnight, BSF men were on patrol. The drone’s sound could be heard by the troops in the dark. The troops began shooting at the voice right away. The drone’s sound was silenced when a bullet struck it. BSF soldiers immediately began a search operation in the region. During this time, the military also discovered a drone that had crashed near the Indian border. Pakistan has previously attempted to infiltrate the drone near Pathankot’s Dinda Forward Post in the Bamiyal area, which is next to the Indo-Pak border.

This was attempted again in the late hours of Saturday night. Drone activity was seen by members of the BSF’s 121 battalion at the Dinda station. Following this, the BSF jawans reacted quickly and shot on the drone. According to reports, the troops shot roughly 19-20 bullets. Pakistani drone activity was seen between Pillars 4 and 5 around 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, according to officials. The drone was attempting to cross the Indian border. BSF jawans carried out the shooting.

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