Sonali Bendre on battle with cancer & Goldie Behl’s reaction when she decided to get back to work

Goldie Behl’s response when Sonali Bendre chose to return to work after her cancer struggle

Sonali Bendre took a hiatus from acting in 2018 after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. After four years, the actress comes returning on DID Li’l Masters 5 as a judge with Remo D’souza and Mouni Roy. “Two years have been tough for me, and the (other) two years have been challenging for the whole globe,” the Sarfarosh actress says of the previous four years (because of Covid-19 pandemic). So my struggle pales in comparison to what’s been going on.”

Sonali discusses her struggle with cancer and expresses her gratitude for being able to return to work. “I’m just glad to be here, thankful to be able to watch my kid grow up, grateful to be able to be here for my parents, and all of that.” So much has been given to me that I am thankful for. And yeah, not just back, but back in the sense that you are well enough to sit on a set for 12 to 18 hours, now that is true recovery. “Any other manner of returning would be wishy-washy and not as much fun,” Sonali explains.

“But simply being able to do it, being able to give it everything, and being able to work these hours,” she continues. You know how physically demanding our line of work is. So for me, being able to do it again is the finest thing.”

When she chose to return to work, how did her filmmaker-husband Goldie Behl react? “He had asked me to do this a long time ago. ‘You’re OK, your intellect is so keen, just get back,’ he says. ‘You should go back to work,’ he’s been urging me, because knowing me, he said, ‘at that moment in time, so many years back in the 1990s, you used to work the way they work now.’ So, in today’s world, you’d truly like the process of working.’ So sure, he’s been urging me for a long time to come back and work,” Sonali explains.

Finally, does she intend to write a book on her experiences over the previous four years? “Not really, since it was different when I was writing the parenting book.” Everything you write now gets shared on Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and other social media platforms. So I’m not interested in writing until I have anything fresh to say,” the actress says.

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