Sushant Rajpoot “Sushant Moon” Is And How It Will Be Celebrated Every Year By The Luna Society International Of America

Sushant Singh Rajput, who has imbued every Indian with a unique personality, is clearly no longer with us, but his followers’ memories of him live on. Sushant’s passion of space is well-known, and he often shared photographs of space, such as the moon, with his admirers. His talent has now gained international recognition.

Chand Prem, the film directed by late Bollywood actor and space enthusiast Sushant Singh Rajput, has won critical acclaim from throughout the world. The Luna Society International in America has chosen to name him ‘Sushant Moon’ in honour of his birthday.

His 37th birthday will be commemorated for the first time on January 21, 2023, as ‘Sushant Moon.’ Luna Society International made the announcement on their website. Amazingly, the first New Moon of 2023, Amavasya, will also occur on this day.

The moon is closest to the earth on this particular day. Sushant Singh Rajput’s fascination with space is well-known. Sushant, who owns the top-of-the-line Meade LX-600 telescope, shared photos of space on his social media accounts on a regular basis.

He used to post a lot of pictures of the moon. He purchased a property in the Sea of Muscovy (the dark side of the moon) of Mare Moscoviense on the moon for about Rs 1.85 crore. On Instagram, he also posted a picture of his home.

The ‘Sushant Moon,’ according to Luna Society International, is expected to become a historic and annual event, though it does not have to take place every year on the new moon, which is Sushant’s birthday.

Sushant’s death came as a shock to everyone, as he ruled the hearts of billions. Nobody could believe Sushant had killed himself. How could such a vibrant person do something like that? Even today, people do not realise that Sushant committed suicide because he used to dance after receiving a small chocolate. SSR fans, on the other hand, can’t get enough of him.

The Luna Society has taken this initiative to honour the life of Patna’s veteran actor SSR. SSR’s fans commemorated his birth anniversary with great fanfare again in January of this year. “Sushant Month” culminated in “Sushant Day,” which was marked by acts of service and respect in his honour. Over 5.2 million tweets with hashtags like #SushantDay and @itsSSR, his Twitter handle, were sent by his fans, according to Twitter estimates.

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