Wiser Home Automation Kit Review

The only thing that travels faster than the speed of light is technological innovation. The Covid-19 epidemic has sped up the use of digital technologies by many years. The most noticeable effect was on how we connect with our houses. Since then, smart homes have become more of a need than ever before.

Several technical developments that are critical to organisations have emerged in recent years, including Generative AI, Data Fabric, Hyperautomation, Decision Intelligence, and many more. These trends are slowly but surely finding their way into the smart home sector.

Schneider Electric is a well-known corporation that provides a diverse variety of home automation solutions. When it comes to home automation, Wiser by Schneider Electric, according to the business, offers the best-in-class features. It makes no alterations to your current house since it has no wiring. You can get the things you want, including the switches you want.

It just connects all of your electricals to your network. And everything is handled through an easy-to-use app. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The firm has shared a couple devices with me and assisted me with automating my house. I’ve had the gadget for two weeks and am now writing a review on it. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Smarter Home Automation Planning

Wiser home automation includes a set of relay switches, a fan controller, and a gateway that wirelessly links all of the relays. Except for the gateway, which remains outside near your Wi-Fi network, the design of the smarter home automation equipment doesn’t matter since they go inside your switchboard. With a streamlined appearance, the gateway looks professional and outstanding, and you just need to connect one power adapter and one ethernet wire. Let’s have a look at the mechanism.

How Does Smarter Home Automation Work?

As previously stated, the home automation kit includes relays, fan controllers, and a gateway, all of which are required to make your house smart. The installation staff will visit to your house and do the installation, but it’s always helpful to understand how it works and how the automation works.

The expert will connect the relay to your switchboard, allowing you to manage up to four devices with only one relay, such as lights, plugs, fans, and more. Before linking up to your switchboards, these relays will be linked to the gateway.

Once the relays are linked to your individual switchboards and wirelessly connected to the gateway, you may connect the app to the gateway and use Alexa or Google Assistant to manage the devices, or manually control the devices using the app.

Experience with Smarter Home Automation

Wiser Home Automation has made me much more lazy than before; before, I would have asked Alexa to turn on and off my lights and smart plugs in certain locations where I had placed smart devices, but now I can manage all non-smart devices with a single command using the Wiser app. For me, the user experience of any software or piece of technology is critical, and Wiser Home Automation has addressed all of my concerns.

Smart lights and fans are more costly than regular lights and fans, but this is a one-stop shop for everything. I’m quite pleased with the gadget and app since you can create scenes, modes, and sequences for lights that you want to turn on and off automatically based on timings. Wiser Home Automation’s whole experience is pretty excellent, and I must say that the firm is providing a terrific experience at this pricing range.

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